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Configure chargers

Chargers need to be configured to support Express. Each charger requires the URL and pricing information for sockets to be able to work with Express. After this information is provided (and the agreements with the payment provider are done), Express is ready to be taken into use.

1. Click "Express" tab on the charger page

2. Add URL for the Express to use with this charger. Make sure this matches with the possible QR/NFC sticker and the URL written on that.

3. Select price for the socket. You can either use a previously made prices or create a new one.

4. If no previous price matches your need, you can create a new price.

5. For the new price you need to select currency, energy or time based pricing and the actual price and VAT percentage.

6. Finish price creation by clicking "Update"

7. After creating the new price you can select it from the dropdown menu.

8. After all the required information is given, please click "Save changes" to apply changes.

Now you can access the Express page for this charger from the URL specified under Payment URL.