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Testing the payment flow

To test how Express works in real life, you can follow the following steps. Easiest way to get started is to do the following in testing environment, which allows you to use virtual credit card for payments. Please complete the charger configuration and other necessary steps before trying to test the payment flow.

1. Click on the desired socket.

2. After the desired socket has been selected, you can plug in the charger to your vehicle.

3. Click "Proceed to pay"

4. Click "Prefill with data" to use a virtual credit card in the testing environment. In the production environment you need to provide actual payment information.

5. After payment details have been given, click "Authorize" to authorize the payment.

6. After charging has begun, you can subscribe for the receipt by clicking "Send te receipt to my email".

7. When you want to stop the charging session, click "Stop charging".

8. After the charging session is finished, you can view the receipt. Click "Close" to complete the session.